Dory Fantasmagory

Dory Fantasmagory

Publication Date: 22 Feb 2017

ISBN 9780571325580

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My name is Dory, but everyone calls me Rascal. This is my family. And Im the littlest. Meet Dory - an irresistible scamp with a huge imagination. Dory's the youngest in her family, which STINKS because it means everyones always too busy to play with her. Or worse! They call her too little to join in. Luckily Dory has plenty of friends to keep her company - even if everyone else says theyre just imaginary. And Dory has a lot to do: outsmarting the monsters that live in her house, escaping from prison (aka time-out) and exacting revenge on her sisters favourite doll... Fully illustrated throughout, and with perfect-for-bedtime length chapters, this adorable little mischief-maker is sure to capture your heart.