Henrietta and the Perfect Night

Henrietta and the Perfect Night

Publication Date: 22 Feb 2017

ISBN 9781760290245

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Hello everybody, its me. Henrietta the Great Go-Getter, and Im having a big think. Right now Im thinking Id like a baby sister, so I can dress her up in different sorts of hats. But Mum says well have to wait and see. Im terrible at waiting...Meanwhile, Im an explorer of life, and that includes trees, bugs, animals and all mysteries. Im going to school for the very first time, which means I might have to go as a spy so that I can have a secret peep inside.....When Henrietta sees Olive Higgie crying in the classroom, she goes on a rescue mission and finds that you only need one friend in a room full of strangers to feel perfectly happy...Henriettas stories are full of funny thoughts and discoveries, and maybe the best are the ones that take a long time to come.