Goodnight, Boy

Goodnight, Boy

Publication Date: 1 Sep 2017

ISBN 9781786072108

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Wake up, Boy. Wake up. I'm bored. Time passes slowly in here, just you and me. The kennel has been J.C.'s and his dog Boy's home, ever since JC 's new foster father locked them inside. JC tells Boy about how he came to his country and his chaotic life beforehand - his family; the orphanage; the hurricane that swept everything away. He also tells him about when everything changed. His foster mother Melanie brought a new light into his life and brought him to her home country. That was before JC and Boy did something bad, something very bad. Just before their punishment, just before the kennel. Now their foster father is getting sicker, Melanie still isn't home, and JC and Boy realise that they have to try and escape...