Icebreakers Pocketbook

Icebreakers Pocketbook

ISBN 9781903776056

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Don't know how to start? Need to set the scene with something impacting, memorable and meaningful but you're all out of ideas? Let this book come to the rescue!

The Icebreakers Pocketbook contains 40 original activities that will enable trainers to add impact to their training workshops. If you need to introduce a particular topic or are after something more than just your regular been-there-done-that-got-the-tshirt topic starters, then this book is for you.

The activities are grouped together according to their suitability for particular areas of training - for example: assertiveness, communication, coaching & mentoring, people management, teams and trainer training.

For each activity, the authors describe the aims, outcomes and relevance of the learning, and provide full user instructions along with information on: - timing - number of participants - materials required - necessary trainer knowledge - possible variations 
Most of the activities take between 10 and 30 minutes to complete. There are ones suitable for small groups and those appropriate for any number of people.