Degas: An Art Book for Kids

Degas: An Art Book for Kids

Publication Date: 8 Aug 2016
National Gallery of Australia

ISBN 9781925432138

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Degas: An Art Book for Kids is a lively and fun book written and developed specifically for children. Guided by two illustrated characters, Snail and Pigeon, this publication invites young readers to discover the artist Edgar Degas, and explore the arrondissements of Paris where he grew up, lived and sourced inspiration. Featuring gorgeous illustrations, alongside reproductions of Edgar Degas's work, children are provided with interesting facts about Degas's artistic techniques and French culture. Each chapter includes imagery of famous Parisian landmarks such as the Louvre, the Palais Garnier - home of the ballet - and the Eiffel Tower, enabling children to take a visual tour of Paris while learning about its relevance to Edgar Degas